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Back story

I am a sucker for a good origin story. It's a glimpse into the company before they become big and official and corporate. You can always see the ghosts, they linger. In the long time employees or the long-forgotten or corporatized core values. The values that made them what they are today are lingering. Lingering in the mannerisms and the habits. The habit of opening an excel and writing notes while you talk. Or the specific words they use, the strange descriptions of common things that to them are normal but to your ears are unusual. You can hear it if you listen. The founders and original team all long gone, the company is like an anthill. The back story can be a pathology that holds them back but it can also be the inspiration renew vows. You just never know. It's a good clue to what the company is like if you are joining a company. You need to listen.


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